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We Partner With Conklin Roofing Systems

Since the 1970s, Conklin Roofing Systems and Coatings have consistently delivered exceptional results, renowned for their longevity and value. Our clients have experienced enduring performance, with roofs installed decades ago still in service today, providing a complete return on investment.

Metal Coating

Metal coating services offer a durable and weather-resistant solution for both commercial and residential buildings. By applying protective coatings over metal roofing, it enhances longevity, energy efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs. With Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration System, your metal roof can be renewed and protected, reflecting heat to keep buildings cooler and lowering air conditioning bills by up to 30 percent.


Foam Coating

Foam coating, applied over sprayed polyurethane foam roofing systems, provides essential protection against UV exposure and moisture infiltration. This elastomeric coating enhances the durability and lifespan of the roofing system, ensuring long-term performance and energy efficiency.


Conklin's Roofing System

Conklin’s roofing systems feature a reflective white color, effectively deflecting the sun’s UV rays and maintaining cooler temperatures for commercial buildings. This energy-efficient design not only reduces cooling expenses but also qualifies building owners for federal tax credits and rebates, providing additional savings opportunities.