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Vendors We Work With

Discover the network of trusted vendors we collaborate with to deliver top-quality materials and services for every project. From roofing materials to restoration supplies, our partnerships ensure access to premium products and expertise, guaranteeing the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our Vendors


Teaming up with Conklin, a renowned leader in roofing solutions, we ensure top-notch roofing services. With Conklin's expertise and premium products, we guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and lasting results for our clients.


For our restoration projects, we exclusively use Sherwin-Williams paint, renowned for its durability, quality, and vibrant color options. With Sherwin Williams' premium products, we ensure long-lasting results and impeccable finishes that exceed our clients' expectations.

Blankenship's Cabinet Shop

Partnering with Blakenship, a local cabinetry company based in Buford, Georgia, we ensure top-notch craftsmanship and personalized solutions for our clients' cabinetry needs. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail align perfectly with our commitment to excellence in restoration and reconstruction services.

Division 7

Working with Division 7 for superior shingles, we guarantee top-tier materials for each roofing endeavor. Their diverse array of shingle choices and outstanding service perfectly align with our dedication to providing exceptional roofing solutions.


We work with Beacon for our shingle needs, offering a wide selection of high-quality products to enhance the durability and aesthetics of our roofing projects. With Beacon's reliable supply and expertise, we ensure superior performance and customer satisfaction with every installation.

ABC Supply

We work with ABC Supply for premium shingles, ensuring top-quality materials for every roofing project. Their extensive range of shingle options and exceptional service complement our commitment to excellence in roofing solutions.

Randall Brothers

Partnering with Randall Brothers, a trusted building materials supplier, we ensure access to top-quality materials for our reconstruction services. Their expertise and extensive inventory complement our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients' restoration and reconstruction needs.

Dover and Cheek

Collaborating with Dover and Cheek for plumbing supplies, we guarantee access to premium-quality materials for our projects. Their expertise and comprehensive range of products ensure efficient and reliable plumbing solutions for our clients' needs.

H&H Electric & Security

Collaborating with H&H for electrical services, we ensure that our projects receive top-tier expertise and reliable solutions. Their professionalism and commitment to safety align perfectly with our standards for excellence in restoration and reconstruction services.

Arctic Circle Heating and Air

We work with Arctic Circle Air for HVAC services, ensuring our clients receive efficient and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions. Their expertise and dedication to quality align seamlessly with our commitment to providing top-notch restoration and reconstruction services.

Gordon Pro Tree

Partnering with Gordon Pro Tree, we offer comprehensive tree services such as tree removal, stump removal, and emergency tree services. With their expertise and dedication to quality, we ensure safe and efficient solutions for all your tree-related needs.


We partner with Profund to offer flexible financing solutions, payment plans, and loans tailored to our customer's diverse needs. We ensure accessibility to our services while providing peace of mind throughout the payment process.


We use Mohawk for premium flooring materials in our restoration services, ensuring durable and stylish solutions for our clients' homes. With Mohawk's wide range of flooring options and superior quality, we can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any space we work on.


We use Rocko to deliver top-tier flooring solutions for our restoration services, offering a diverse selection of durable and visually appealing materials. With Rocko's quality products, we ensure outstanding results in every project we undertake.


We work with Metropolitan Flooring to offer top-notch restoration services, providing a wide selection of quality flooring options to meet diverse project requirements. Their commitment to excellence and superior products aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver lasting and aesthetically pleasing results for our clients.

Prolex Flooring

We use Prolex Flooring to enhance our restoration services, offering a comprehensive range of flooring options including laminate, engineered hardwood, and more. Their premium products ensure durability and style, meeting the diverse needs of our clients with excellence.

ANR Flooring

We collaborate with ANR Flooring to elevate our restoration services, providing top-notch solutions such as sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, hardwood installation, laminate installation, and luxury vinyl plank installation. Their expertise and versatile offerings ensure superior flooring solutions tailored to our client's needs.